ACQ4 Neurophysiology Acquisition and Analysis System
Electrophysiology - Photostimulation - Fluorescence Imaging
Source code is hosted at GitHub

You can download the latest source code using git:
git clone

ACQ4 depends on several third party libraries which must be installed first. See the documentation for more instructions on installation.

Windows: Complete python installations with ACQ4 are available:
acq4-setup-0.9.2-32.exe (66MB)
acq4-setup-0.9.2-64.exe (92MB)

Developers may wish to install their own python packages.
Linux:Ubuntu/Debian users:
$ sudo apt-get install python-qt4 python-qt4-gl python-qt4-sql python-pyserial \
  python-scipy python-pyparsing python-h5py python-imaging git
All other distributions: You should be able to find comparable packages to install. If not, dust off the compiler.
OSX:Read through the OSX installation in the user manual.


Required for data acquisition (skip these if you are only doing analysis):